‘Active Citizenship' programs: Meeting with Minister Olivier Chastel

The meetings in the framework of ‘active citizenship' in Charleroi are continued. On the 21st of September Federal Minister for Budget and Administrative Simplification and candidate-mayor for Charleroi Olivier Chastel has met the presidents of our member associations together with other prominent candidates. 

After thanking Fedactio for the organization of the meetings in the context of active citizenship, Chastel made positive remarks on Ecole des Etoiles and stated that the school sets an example for other state schools.

Furthermore, Chastel has talked about the financial problems of Charleroi, especially the low incomes. The minister himself posed two solutions for this problem. The first being the augmentation of the number of projects funded by the federal/regional government by preparing qualitative dossiers. Next citizens with a higher income should be drawn into the city to increase the communal income without having to increase taxes. According to the candidate-mayor that is the reason why safety, cleanness, education and improvement of the city’s infrastructure are on his party’s agenda.

To have a more interactive program Chastel held a brief speech and moved on to a question and answer session. He then gave information about the construction project of a university in Charleroi, the prejudice against the liberals, the support for entrepreneurs, the clumsiness in the bureaucracy and many other subjects.

The program ended with a reception.
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