Brussels' mayor Freddy Thielemans welcomed at Ecole des Etoiles

Freddy Thielemans, mayor of Brussels-City, has been invited to Ecole des Etoiles in the framework of the 'Active Citizenship Meetings' organized by Fedactio.

Thielemans first visited the school, guided by the principal and teaching staff. He then listened to the representatives of Fedactio and its member associations in the meeting room. Thielemans carefully listened to their speech about their various activities and expressed his wish to meet the Ecole des Etoiles staff for further conversations about their pedagogic mission.

A special reception was also organized for the mayor who delivered a speech to more than 50 representatives of the associations. He talked about his projects for Brussels-City, which include thousands of realist propositions for the city and its urban development.
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