Betiad Limburg visits Köln

Businessmen from BETIAD Limburg visited Köln on the 30th December.
70 businessmen took part in the trip that started by a visit to Gymnasium Dialog School, opened by Turkish entrepreneurs.

Then, members of BETIAD Limburg met the members of SYNKO, association of businessmen from Köln. SYNKO’s general secretary, Ali Can, gave information about the organization.

The chairman of Gymnasium Dialog School took our members on a visit of their new building that is in construction.

The general coordinator of BETIAD Limburg, Bülent Agcan, talked about Lucerna College that will open at Houthalen, in Belgium. Agcan also said that the biggest problem of Turkish community living in Belgium is the lack of education, and that organizations like BETIAD are important and even essential to overcome this lack.
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