Fedactio elected 'Brusselaar of the year'

Our federation that was candidate for the 'Brusselaar' of the year was elected as the first candidate for its support to the opening of the Ecole des Etoiles.

The “ ‘Brusseler’ of the year”, organised by Vlan and VivaBruxelles since 1992, rewards people or organizations who contribute to the development of Brussels. Our federation was elected the ‘Brusseler of the year’ in the economy category for ‘contributing to the creation of a brand new school open to all: Ecole des Etoiles’

Numerous people congratulated Fedactio after the ceremony and promised to come and visit the school. Our president Ismail Cingöz also thanked everyone who contributed to the nomination of Fedactio: “This award will motivate us even more to serve the society and fulfill our responsibilities as citizens. Thanks to all who supported Fedactio. After 50 years of living in Belgium, we will achieve to be a community of immigrants who aren’t a source of problem, but rather who contribute positively to the society in which we live.”
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