Herbal Remedies for Winter Ailments

Damla, a member association of Fedactio has organized the seminar ‘Herbal Remedies for Winter Ailments' in partnership with Vormingplus-Limburg.

During this seminar the participants were given a presentation on the herbs that can be used in the winter.

Mrs. Gaby Lormans explained that herbs and even weed have an importance for our bodies. We were given tips to strengthen our bodies against colds and flus with both regular food as well as supplements.

The guest speaker recommended to use rosehip to treat a flu or disease of the airways, because it contains a lot of vitamin C. She also advised to use celery for coughing and thyme for persistent coughing.

The seminar was followed by a workshop during which we learnt to make simple cough syrup and lotion or cream for chilblains. The participants were satisfied with the information they received and promised to try out the recipes at home.
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