Seminar on theft prevention by the police of Mol

The police of Mol has given a seminar on theft prevention in Damla, December 6th. The number of theft cases have increased in the last couple of years. In 2011 there were 102 burglaries registered in Mol and this year there already have been more than 110 burglaries.

70% of the burglars enter houses through the back door, 27% through the front door and 2.7% through a window. Police officer Arazola explained that a thief only needs a space of 30cm on 30cm to enter.

The officer gave several important tips to minimize the possibility for theft. He mentioned not to place expensive objects such as audio and video equipment, paintings, antique objects etc. in front of the windows or places where passers-by can see them. Furthermore Arazola mentioned that valuable things such as money and gold should be kept in a safe or bank vault.

Moreover, the officer told not to leave keys under the doormat, in the flowerpot and other ‘classic’ hiding place, instead one should give it to a person he trusts. Houses that are less visible in the street, because of a high fence for example, become more often victim of burglaries.

Owners can also ask the local police to monitor their home when they are on vacation. These monitoring activities can only take place when the police is informed in advance.

It is also very important to mark or register valuable properties to simplify the identification in case of theft. If it is not possible to mark the objects a picture should be taken of it or a list should be kept of the items.

Officer Arazola advised to use electronic alert systems and camera systems by means of additional protection. These systems can be discounted for 30% from tax charges.

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