Winner Colors of Belgium admitted to prestigious Kronberg Academy

Cellist Felix Vermeirsch who swept away the first prize in the category ‘Special Talent' of the Colors of Belgium was admitted to Kronberg Academy after a splendid audition. The Kronberg Academy is a music academy for coaching international top string players. The academy has been teaching master classes in cello for the past 20 years under the patronage of Mstislav Rostropovitsj and Marta Casals-Istomin.

The 14 year old Felix Vermeirsch has been playing the cello since he was 8. During the past 6 years he developed an exceptional talent and composed some music on the cello and the piano. This earned him the title ‘the youngest compositor of Flanders’. Last year he registered for the third edition of the Colors of Belgium, an initiative by member association Beltud. Felix was selected for the national finale where he overwhelmed the jury and the audience by his own composition ‘Darusselam’ (House of Piece).

This school year his musical career went off after a successful audition for the prestigious Kronberg Academy in Germany. He was admitted to take two classes of two days per month. When Felix turns 16 he will be allowed to the master classes cello to which only 15 students from all over the world are accepted. He will reside permanently in Germany then.

That much is involved in such a training abroad seems natural. To provide the young cellist everything he needs Beltud has decided to support Felix’ musical education financially. Last Thursday the representatives of Beltud and Fedactio met Felix’ parents to congratulate them in person.
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