Breakfast Talk 17: 27 October 2013

Speaker: Dr. Ertuğrul Taş (Psychologist, Writer and Academician)

At the 17th edition of the breakfast talk series, EPN hosted clinical psychologist Ertuğrul Taş at an event titled 'Family in Turkish community in Belgium, the dynamics of marriage, impacts on individuals, couples and family life.' Following a pleasant breakfast-time, Taş began his speech by underscoring the importance of marriage which functions as a tool to transmit one's culture to the next generations and giving excerpts from his study including statistics of the marriage of Turks living in Belgium. He said Turks in Belgium mostly desire and seek Turkish spouses and they want spouses from Turkey more than from Belgium.

Besides this interesting fact, Taş talked about the problems and challenges Turkish couples face in Belgium noting that the spouse that has come from Turkey after getting married mostly needs a great deal of accompaniment and assistance from his or her spouse who is more familiar with the order, system and language of Belgium which may result in depression or lack of self-confidence, the psychologist remarked. In order to overcome such challenges and communication problems that occur between the spouses as they are raised up in different countries, Turkish couples in Belgium should be more careful and sensitive about their share of responsibility and achieving reconciliation. Taş ended his speech by making further suggestions for happy marriage which received quite an interest from the audience.
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