Damla and Vuslat organized a Ladies Coffee Night with Meryame Kitir

On February 12, 2014 Damla organized a Ladies Coffee Night in partnership with Vuslat.  Guest speaker of the day was Meryame Kitir.

To relax after a working day and to networking the association Damla organized together with Vuslat Ladies Coffee Night in Maasmechelen. The Ladies Coffee Night is a meeting point between women from different backgrounds, in order to improve social contacts and strengthen friendship ties while drinking a cup of coffee.  With this meeting Damla also offers women the opportunity to discuss various issues present in society. Thanks to the rich experience of our guest speaker Meryame Kitir we were able to offer the participants a broader picture of the problems which arise in the present and may occur in the future.

It was a very pleasant evening where attendees had the opportunity to have their say and to ask questions. Which caused a positive interaction between the participants and the guest speaker Meryame Kitir. After the presentation one of the volunteers of Vuslat thanked Ms. Kitir and the attendees for their participation.  And to make the evening unforgettable for Meryame Kitir, she was given a drawing of a tulip made of Ebru.

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