Golden Rose organized a Bolivian Culture Night

On February 22, 2014 Golden Rose organized a Bolivian Culture Night. The 50 or so visitors could enjoy the Bolivian cuisine and the music of the South American country.

The cultural evening was realized in partnership with Mery Angulo and Carola Ureña of radio Palabra de mujer FM 87.7 and Carmen Rojas of Ligue de Famille. The evening began with a presentation of the association Golden Rose by vice-president Sükran Yigit. After a presentation on the history of Bolivia Mery showed a video about the Carnival of Oruro, considered the most famous folkloric event of South America, because of the masked Diabladas. Important pieces of music such as Concor El Pasa, El Minero, Lloranda Se Fue and La Caraquena were played by Carola on the recorder. Carmen then gave more information about the types of quinoa, which has for millenia been the most important food source in the region. 2013 was declared the Year of Quinoa by the United Nations.

The real musical feast began with the performance of the Comunidad de Sikuris, a seven-member music group. They brought music from the different provinces of Bolivia. The main instruments of Bolivian music are the pan flute and the drums. Then the participants were able to enjoy the open buffet of Bolivian specialties. The dinner was followed by the dance of the four-membered group of Centre Culturel Sartañani Bolivia Belgica. They brought both the northern Bolivian Caporales dance as the Southern Bolivian Cueca tarijeaña, which is danced with handkerchiefs.

The evening ended with another performance of the Comunidad de Sikuris, Bolivian tea and cake.
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