First degrees, first honours

L’Ecole des Etoiles , an independent elementary school that subsidized by the French Community, has experienced the honour of presenting its first graduation certificates last Friday.
The school, which was founded in 2004 by entrepreneurs of Turkish origin, has two branches, the first located in Haren, and the second in Charleroi. l’Ecole des Etoiles has 550 students, 23 (12 and 11 in Brussels to Charleroi) of them were graduated this year.
The directors of the school held a ceremony of proclamation for this event. Numbers of people, parents and other family members from the students were present at the event to share the happiness of their children. Chairman of the school Mr. Abdurrahman Demir, welcomed the parents and congratulated the graduates.
Students have also received a reward from Mr. Demir. The parents, who were taking pictures with their children, took a drink with the management of the school at the end of the ceremony.
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