My school, in all its colors

The Center for Diversity and Cohesion in Wallonia (CEDICOW) organized drawing contests that aimed to educate children of the last cycle of basic education to the issue of cultural diversity. The awards ceremony held on 25 May on Thursday in the new museum “The Grand Curcius” in Liege. The ceremony began with the President Mr. Lütfi Senlik’s speech.  After he thanked the guests to filling the room he stressed the importance of passing on the future generations respect for differences.

Deputy of Wallonia Veronica Cremasco, the alderman of culture in Liege Jean-Pierre Hupkens and his college Ans Thomas Cialone took the floor and expressed their feelings with the guests.
The guests also had the opportunity to attend a demonstration of puppets as well as a narrative story on the theme of diversity.
Senator Mrs. Vanessa Matz announced the winners of the first edition of the drawing contest” My school in all its colors”. The winners received for the 3rd 2nd and 1st prize 75, 125 and 150 euro’s. The jury awarded the first prize for the drawing from Laura Vanquaillie who also allowed her school a laptop the name of her school is Hors-Château School Liege.
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