Russian Culture Night

Golden Rose organized the fourth cultural diversity evening together with Russian House in Golden Rose at 3 June. Members of Golden Rose convinced that the respect and understanding go through the mutual knowledge of the culture of others, dedicated to create meeting points between different cultures living together in Brussels. After organizing of Moroccan, Italian and Chinese culture evenings Golden Rose became interested in Russian culture to learn more about the diaspora which represents thousands of people in Belgium.

Association Russian House was represented by the president Ludmilla Krasnova and CEO Marina Novikova. The evening started with a presentation of Russian culture and Russian diaspora made by the president Ludmilla Krasnova. She stressed the importance of cultural transmission, trough the kitchen and especially the language. She added that the transmission was the most important thing since we live in multicultural societies where the individual sometimes struggles to find its identity and that knowledge of history and language of his country was contributing to a identity construction among young people.
The evening continued with Russian classic songs and then enjoyed the guests the dishes of Russian cuisine. There were piroujkis( special bread stuffed with cheese and potatoes), the kotlyets (meatballs) and gretchka kasba (buckwheat crushed accompaniment)a among the Russian food.
The evening of cultural diversity has allowed women from different communities to meet and get to know each other better in a concept. By September, Golden Rose will organize further evenings to discover new faces and new flavors.
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