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About the organisation
What is Fedactio?
The Federation of Active Organisations in Belgium (Fedactio) is an umbrella organisation aiming to contribute within several fields of action in society by acting upon certain social issues.
What are Fedactio’s objectives ?
One of Fedactio’s goals is the promotion of dialogue between different communities and the inclusion of everyone, regardless of their background. Furthermore, Fedactio reacts proactively to different challenges within our current society./div>
What kind of organisation is Fedactio?
Fedactio, founded in 2010, is a non-profit organisation with a wide range of member organisations, all over Belgium.
What’s Fedactio’s history?
Fedactio was founded in 2010 by Turkish Belgians aiming to bring associations together that are working towards a better society. Throughout the years, Fedactio has expanded further, with new members and projects.
How do you aim to contribute to society?
Together with its member organisations, Fedactio has developed several high-quality, sustainable projects within several fields of action, always with attention for cultural diversity
Who is your target audience?
Fedactio’s projects are directed towards all citizens, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, religious beliefs or ideology. Fedactio’s projects are organised on a local, regional and national level.
About our mission and views
What is your take on social cohesion?
Fedactio aims to strengthen ties between different communities by organising encounters and starting project in collaboration with its member organisations and external partner organisations. These collaborations are a precondition to strengthen social cohesion.
What is your take on active citizenship?
By encouraging participation and mobilising citizens, Fedactio assumes its social role, promoting a more tolerant and peaceful society based on values such as cultural emancipation, equality and democracy.
What is your take on violent extremism?
In February 2016, Fedactio launched its action plan to combat violent extremism. The complete action plan can be found here.
About our financial funds and relations
What are your financial funds?
Fedactio is primarily financed by sponsors, donations and membership fees. We are not receiving any structural subsidies, but rely on project subsidies.
Are you affiliated with a certain political party?
Fedactio is not affiliated with any political party. We remain neutral towards all democratic political parties.
Are you an ethnic organisation?
Fedactio is not an ethnic organisation. Although Fedactio has its roots in the Turkish community, the organisation directs its activities towards all Belgian citizens.
Are you a religious organisation?
Fedactio is not a religious organisation, but our founders derive their motivation from their faith. As an organisation, Fedactio adopts an independent and neutral approach. Initially, our founders were drawn to one another by their shared sense of responsibility towards society, inspired by the ideas of muslim-intellectual Fethullah Gülen.
Does Fedactio represent the Gülen-movement?
The movement is represented by ‘Dialogue Platform’ and not by Fedactio. However, Fedactio endorses the most important ideals conveyed by the Gülen-movement, among which the combat against poverty, ignorance and conflicts.
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